Digital Attendance

Looking for a simple and fun way to take attendance? For many of us attendance is taken early in the morning when our Homeroom class is with their switch teacher. This means sending a student over to ask if anyone is absent which disrupts learning in both classes. Here’s a simple way to avoid those distractions and take attendance right when students arrive. It’s a win win!

Simply project the Powerpoint on your Promethean Board or a laptop on your desk if you’re using your Promethean Board for a morning message. When students come in they click their name, unpack their backpack, and head to their first class. Any names left on the board are students that are absent! How easy is that?!

You can download the file for FREE below! To customize this file for your own class, simply edit each “student” with your students’ names. Need more names? Copy and paste one of the “student” text boxes.


Several people have asked how they can make their own Attendance Check-In using Powerpoint so I made a quick tutorial below.

During the first week of school I plan to take pictures of my students posing in fun ways and replacing their names on the Attendance Check-In with their pictures. is a great site to use to remove backgrounds from images if you’d like to do this too. See below for a look at how to make this possible!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! What ideas do you have for using this in your classroom? If you have any questions or need help please reach out. I’d be happy to help!

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