Flipgrid Class Intros

Last year my partner teacher, Stephanie Ingvardsen, and I kicked off the year with Flipgrid Class Intros. We each started a new topic on our Flipgrid specifically for our intros and each recorded a video sharing a little bit about us, our families, and our favorite memory from summer.

As soon as we got our class lists we shared the link with our students’ parents and encouraged them to have their child also make a video introducing themselves. At meet the teacher we passed out little pieces of paper with the link as a reminder.

This was such a fun way to get to know a little bit about the kids before school started and a great opportunity for the kids to watch each others videos and connect on similarities as well. It was so heart warming to hear the conversations on the first day that started with “I saw in you Flipgrid video that you ______ this summer. Me too!”. I felt like this kickstarted the culture and relationship building in our classroom and the kids loved it!

Getting this started in your classroom is so quick and easy! Check out my video below where I show you step by step how I started mine. It only took me 12 minutes from start to finish to get it set up!


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