Google Keep Headers

Say goodbye to the days of a million sticky notes floating around with notes here and notes there. Google Keep is the PERFECT app for keeping all of your notes in one place!

With Google Keep you can access your notes anywhere through the phone app or website by simply logging in to your google account. You can also share notes with family, friends, and coworkers to collaborate!

Recently I discovered that you can upload an image in the Title section of your notes! This opened up so many opportunities for cuteness and organization, so I got busy designing titles for my notes! I’m pretty much obsessed with everything that matches my school colors so it was an easy decision on which colors to use.

I posted a picture of these Google Keep Headers on Twitter and they were an instant hit! I found out that many educators were looking for an easy way to stay organized and that these were super helpful. Checkout some examples below and click here to see all the colors I’ve made so far! If you want a custom color or custom words send me an email and I’d be happy to make you a set and add it to the growing collection!


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