Multiplication Facts – Supplemental Aid


Do you have students working towards memorizing their Multiplication Facts but there not quite there yet? This resource is a great tool to teach students to use as they work on their facts!


What are Supplemental Aids? 
Supplemental aids are resources that students can use to assist with recalling information.  
The purpose of this supplemental aid is to provide students with a tool to help them with multiplication facts. The following pages are designed to be scaffolded – starting with a high level of support and tapering off to blank charts where the student is able to create their own. 
How to use this resource: 
There are 4 versions of this supplemental aid starting with the highest level of support in Version A and the least level of support in Version D. You can start at any version depending on the level of the child you’re working with. Wherever you start, have the goal in mind to help the child move towards Version D. 
Version A (page 4): There are 8 tables focused on multiplication facts for 2-9. Each table is labeled with a digit at the top and has the corresponding number of dots next to it. The left column contains factors that the student will multiply the top number by. Students will multiply the top number by each factor in the left column and fill in each product on the right. Students can use the dots and touch each one with the tip of their pencil as they count on and fill out the table if needed. 
Version B (page 5):  This version has removed the factors on the left. Students must fill in 1 thru 10 and then fill in the products on the right. 
Version C (page 6): This version removes the dots. Students must create their own dots and then fill in the chart. 
Version D (page 7): This version removes the numbers and students are provided blank tables to fill in completely. 

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